About Tatweer

Shaped by discussions between U.S. and Iraqi officials from the Office of the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Planning, and the Capacity Development Working Group, NCD-Tatweer’s goal is to strengthen the GOI’s public management and professional training capabilities. More specifically, NCD-Tatweer will assist in strengthening the management of executive government institutions such as the Ministries of Planning and Development Cooperation, Finance, Oil, Electricity, Municipalities and Public Works, Water Resources, Health, Education, Justice, and Agriculture. NCD-Tatweer will work with Iraq’s National Center for Consultation and Management Development (NCCMD) which has served as the GOI’s premier public administration training center for over 30 years. The NCCMD facility in Baghdad and regional training institutions in Erbil, Mosul and Basra will be equipped with modern teaching technology and expanded curricula and serve as “centers of excellence” for training Iraqi civil servants in public administration best practices.

This training will focus on the following key functions:

  • Fiscal Management
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Development
  • Information Technology
  • Personnel Management and Administration
  • Leadership and Communications

Ethics and anti-corruption will serve as central crosscutting themes throughout the project. NCD-TATWEER will also work with the GOI to integrate systematic competency-based testing and certification into all training activities. It will help the GOI link training to career development and to a larger effort to promote a transparent, merit-based civil service. In addition to its extensive support for in-service training of civil servants, NCD-TATWEER will provide hands-on technical assistance to improve public management in key ministries and will fund overseas scholarships for over 50 Iraqis. NCD-TATWEER is a three year project which commenced in August, 2006.