Organizational Development Specialist

This Scope of Work is for a short or long-term Technical Assistance assignment, whereby the Organizational Development Specialist(s) will work with Tatweer’s Organizational Development Team to roll-out Phase II of the Tatweer activity “Strengthening Key Ministries and PMO/COMSEC.” Specifically, the Organizational Specialist(s) will be tasked with initiating components of project Task V: Assess and Design Tatweer Support to Key Ministries, namely the preparation and implementation of the Tatweer team’s ministerial self-assessment and organizational transformation program, as well as contributing to the production of ministerial capacity development plans.

Description of Work
The Organizational Development Specialist(s) (ODSs) will collect and review relevant documentation on PMO/COMSEC, the Ministries of Planning, Electricity, Water, Finance, Oil, and possibly other targeted GOI organizations in order to help prepare them for launching the Tatweer organizational self-assessment program. Additional research will require either direct or virtual meetings with mid and senior-level officials at each of these organizations in order to assess their preparedness, commitment to improvement, criticality to GOI legitimacy, and the feasibility of impact.

Prior to and concomitant with this research, the ODSs will be trained in the self-assessment content and methodology. Then, along with the Tatweer team, the ODSs will support the targeted GOI organizations in implementing the assessments. Tasks will include training GOI counterparts in the self-assessment methodology and providing hands-on mentoring and support during the actual assessment and scoring process. In addition, ODSs will assist with preparing self-assessment reports and presenting the results to the Tatweer team, USAID, and the counterpart organizations’ leadership.

Following the completion of the assessments, ODSs will work with the Tatweer team to assist each successful GOI organization with the development of a capacity development plan, incorporating S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives and drawing on input from all components of the Tatweer team and the GOI, which will help guide internally driven organizational improvement efforts and Tatweer assistance over the life of the project.

Additional tasks will likely entail the following: 1) adjusting the program methodology to the Iraqi context and the specifics of each counterpart organization on a case-by-case basis; 2) occasional translation from English to Arabic and editing in Arabic; and 3) developing required training, presentation and other materials as needed to support self-assessment implementation and roll-out.

Skills Required

Successful candidates for the ODS positions will have 5-15 years of professional experience working in government service, organizational management and reform, management consulting, or a related field. In addition, ideal candidates will have donor experience, business administration and operations experience, excellent communications skills, and professional proficiency in Arabic and English. While an advanced degree is preferred, candidates should also have at least a B.A. degree in public administration, law, business, or a similar field. Lastly, candidates should be self-starters with a strong interest in contributing to a unique program aimed at improving the performance of the GOI and its ability to deliver services in a citizen-centered, results-focused, and transparent manner.

Duration of Assignment
Organizational Development Specialists will commence work as soon as possible on a probationary basis with the possibility of transitioning into a long-term role with the Tatweer project.

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