Overall Goal
The overall goal of the Tatweer Grant program is to assist the GOI improve its operations, management, and policy formulation, thereby improving the effectiveness and legitimacy of its national-level institutions. The grant component facilitates training of civil servants in public management and supports reform within ministries.

Grant Award Process
Tatweer Grant program solicits proposals on competitive basis and uses a two-tiered process, which begins with a request for an expression of interest. Then the second stage, technical committee reviews the submissions, which selects the finalists and invites them to submit a full technical application/proposal.

Unsolicited applications
Awards may be made based on an unsolicited application without the benefit of competition where the application clearly demonstrates a unique, innovative, or proprietary capability, represents appropriate use of Tatweer funds to support or stimulate a public purpose, and fits within the strategic objective. To qualify as an unsolicited application, submission must solely be on the applicant’s initiative without prior formal or informal solicitation from Tatweer.

Transparent and open competitive process
The grant competitive awards process begins by announcing and advertising the small grants and posting of request for application (RFA) as determined in collaboration with USAID.

Technical Grant review process
The Grant committee reviews, evaluates, and selects the finalist, upon which a debriefing for unsuccessful applicants is done. Debrief envisages capacity building, geared towards improving the applicants’ likelihood of success in a future competition round.

Pre-award and capacity building needs assessment
After the grant application process, Tatweer conducts a pre-award assessment to ensure institutions’ capacity to run the grant. Pre-award assessment indicates managerial and financial capacity of the grantee to carry out program objectives and achieve intermediate results. In addition, it identifies training needs, which gives a premise to assign “risk” levels to grantees.

Grant Agreement
Tatweer signs grant agreement with grantees using a standard format compliant with USAID regulations. The grant agreement includes, grant description, which describes grant objectives, milestones, activities, and key responsibilities. Additionally, grant agreement will include schedule with implementation timeline matching milestones and budget.

Grants monitoring
Through partnership basis, grantee performance is monitored through, work plans, periodic financial /milestones submissions, and program reporting.
A periodic monitoring and evaluation visit to grantee provides additional opportunities for on-the-job training.