According to Law No. 677 of 1988, a merger occurred between the National Center for Consultations and Development (NCCD) – administrative affairs, and the National Institute for Planning (NIOP) – academic affairs, to form The National Center for Consultancy and Management Development (NCCMD). Thus, (NCCMD) has the tasks of both structures and fulfills their objectives through their laws.
Objectives and Activities

The Center aims to elevate the level of administrative organization’s performance efficiency and improve productivity, which goes along with current directions in management. The Center renders expertise and consultancy regarding administrative work and develops technical and scientific methods. The Centre undertakes the following activities:

  • Training
  • Management Consultancy
  • Research & Development
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources

Tasks and Structure

Bylaw # 2 of 1989 had stated the Centers’ tasks and structure as follows:

  • Conduct research and studies in planning, economic, technical and administrative fields related to the process of public management development
  • Create efficient planning cadre and upgrading technical and administrative skills at various levels in production and service sectors
  • Enhance the profession of technical management to create strong management leaders
  • Introduce and improve working tools to strengthen the efficiency of production and service sectors
  • Upgrade scientific and technical planning tools, attend and hold seminars/conferences relevant to planning and management development
  • Design training courses and organize workshops
  • Associate and cooperate with local and international experts to achieve its goals through paid and gratuitous contracts
  • Gather and categorize information on modern work tools of planning and management and making them available individuals and institutions
  • The appointment of the General Director of the Centre is through a Republican decree
  • Revenues of the Center are partly from its general budget and partly from the fees charged to various government institutions receiving training and other services
  • The Minister appoints a consulting staff (committee) at the Center for planning and management development affairs, specifying their mandate.
  • Minister issues internal regulations and bylaws related to administrative structure, training courses, and workshops to facilitate the implementation of its tasks