Organizational Transformation Program

The Tatweer National Capacity Development Project is USAID’s flagship program for developing effective public administration in Iraq. Tatweer is undertaking several initiatives designed specifically to address the organizational and institutional aspects of capacity building as a compliment to our extensive civil service training program.

Tatweer is designed to enable full GOI-ownership of project activities through the cultivation of strong direct relationships with key organizational counterparts. Our Public Management Advisors (PMAs) provide hands-on assistance, mentoring, training and advisory services in public management, all tailored to the specific needs of their respective partners. Tatweer’s PMAs are able to help local counterparts begin to address organizational and institutional transformation needs head-on by developing ministry-specific capacity development plans and pursing GOI-led initiatives.

Tatweer is also working to help address organizational and institutional change within GOI organizations via the project’s Organizational Self-Assessment and Transformation Program (OSTP). In direct partnership with the GOI’s National Center for Consultation and Management Development (NCCMD), Tatweer is helping ministries develop a process of continuous self-assessment and improvement. This partnership will fully transfer to its GOI partners the knowledge and tools necessary to enable them to define, understand and pursue reforms in the core areas of public sector management.

In addition to these two efforts, Tatweer will announce further transformational initiatives in collaboration with its GOI-counterparts as new opportunities arise and additional needs are defined. These activities will ensure that Tatweer support achieves fully sustainable outcomes which contribute to true organizational transformation.